Community Building

For two generations Metro-Can has forged a name as construction experts, building communities for neighborhoods and families to grow in. Our projects range from seniors housing to schools, from rapid transit hubs that become a focus of neighborhoods to community centres that provide a central meeting place for individuals, youth and groups. Our commitment to delivering excellence with all our work extends from the boardroom to the construction site. It is a value that every single employee of Metro-Can shares with each other. It's why we have highly skilled veterans that have worked for Metro-Can for more than 30 years standing side-by-side with the next generation of builders, imparting their knowledge and wisdom to new people so that we continue to build our facilities in the best way possible.

However, we recognize that to build a successful company you require more than heavy equipment and hard labor. It requires people from every facet of the organization believing that the sum is greater than the parts, and that without nourishing the heart and soul of the company's employees there cannot be the passion nor the drive to make your work outstanding.

This is why Metro-Can believes in building our own internal community. We realize that away from our professional lives, Metro-Can is also a family of individuals. Since the company's founding, the management team has made it a personal mission for Metro-Can to build a work place where family time is just as important to its associates as professional excellence.

When we describe our company to others we say that Metro-Can is a group of individuals that builds world-class communities for people, for neighborhoods, for cities and for ourselves. Our company's tagline, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN,extends to creating a company lifestyle and value system that benefits and enriches our own families and personal lives as well as the lives of the people that live or work in one of our buildings. We strive for excellence for our personal lives and with our work, and we're proud to be a company that places an equal value on both.


The curtain wall for the Olympic Village all came from Korea? It was huge coordination challenge for such a fast-tracked project.