About Us


It is Metro-Can’s philosophy to treat every client and employee with respect. We are proud to have retained many valued employees through decades of employment and built solid relationships that translate into repeat business. We continue to look forward to building on the talent of our people and client relationships. As a company that strives for excellence, Metro-Can has chosen 4 principals as our “Core Values”


As a well-established construction firm, you might think that the most important asset we have is our equipment, or our safety record, or the good standing we have in our industry. And while these three points are important, we understand that there is one thing greater and more important. Read About Our People 


With construction roots that date back to 1964, MetroCan was started as a family business that incorporated in 1985. We have completed over 300 projects in all segments of the market including, commercial, high rise and low rise residential, recreational projects, light and heavy industrial projects.


Metro-Can started as a family business in 1964 and was incorporated in 1985.  Metro-Can is a well established firm. Our teams have accumulated extensive experience in all disciplines of construction and are committed to delivering the highest quality of work and professionalism to every project. We take pride in delivering on all of our clients’ expectations, on time and on budget. We find ways to maximize functional square footage and increase revenue opportunities. To date, Metro-Can has completed over 300 projects in all segments of the market including commercial, hi-rise & lo-rise residential, recreational and light and heavy industrial.

Metro-Can is among the top 20 general contractors in Canada, among the top 5 in BC and is proud of being the first company in Canada to complete a platinum level LEED certified green building and has a certified LEED Coordinator on staff. The company is proving itself to be the premiere contracting firm for environmentally friendly and green energy-focused construction.

Metro-Can recognizes that to build a successful company, you require people from all facets of the organization to believe that the sum is greater than the parts and that without nourishing the heart and soul of the company’s employees there cannot be the passion nor the drive to make your work outstanding. Metro-Can believes in building their own internal community and has built a workplace where family time is just as important to its associates as professional excellence. Metro-Can’s group of individuals builds world-class communities for people, for neighborhoods, for cities and for themselves.

Metro-Can’s tagline, “WE MAKE IT HAPPEN” extends to creating a company lifestyle and value system that benefits and enriches both the lives of the people that live or work in one of our buildings and our own families and personal lives, and is proud to be a company that places an equal value on both.