Metro-Can’s Core Values

As an integrity driven organization the Metro-Can Construction group has selected 4 principals that we adhere to for our customers, our employees and ourselves. They are:

Take Care of Each Other – We recognize that to build a successful company, you need people from every facet of the organization and that without nourishing the heart and soul of the company’s employees there cannot be the passion or the drive to make your work outstanding. Our highly skilled veterans work side-by-side with the next generation of builders, imparting their knowledge and wisdom so that we continue to build our facilities the best way possible. We realize that away from our professional lives, Metro-Can is also a family of individuals, and have made it our mission to build a work place where family time is just as important as professional excellence. We believe in creating a company environment and value system that benefits and enriches our own families and personal lives as well as the lives of the people that live or work in one of our buildings. We strive for excellence for our personal lives and with our work, and we’re proud to be a company that places an equal value on both.

Build Great Things  – Through our multi-residential, commercial, industrial and institutional work we have helped shape the skyline of Vancouver. We have built office towers, medical centres and skyscrapers that reach into the west coast air and homes for hardworking people and their families, and the prestigious Olympic Village that housed the world’s best athletes for the 2010 Winter Olympics. But, we are just as proud to build trust with partners and developers that rely on us to complete their project  on time and on budget and to build strong relationships with our employees.

Be Innovative  – As a forward thinking contractor, Metro-Can has developed unique levels of service and products to our client. We push ourselves to constantly incorporate new work practices, design elements and ways to maximize the investment opportunity for developers.  We stand by our promises and use our extensive experience to eliminate potential problems as early as the project’s design phase while keeping an open mind to new ideas and innovative solutions. We believe in raising the bar for our industry. Facing new challenges and having the willingness to improve our techniques and foster the creation of new approaches is something we pursue.

Have Fun – At Metro-Can we work hard but we also have fun whether it is a small event to celebrate a colleague’s birthday, our annual Christmas bash or even attempt to be golfers.   Metro-Can recognizes the value in being a company that looks out for the health and welfare of our employees and if we are having fun, we can do great things.