The foundation of Metro-Can’s organization is a “team” atmosphere made up of some of the best people in the industry. Our professionals, both onsite and back at the office, have accumulated extensive experience in all disciplines of construction while creating a culture of performance, support, and fun. The Metro-Can team delivers and has fun doing it.

metro can worker

Safety at Metro-Can

Nothing is more important than the safety of our people, our suppliers, our clients and our communities.

Metro-Can has an unwavering commitment to keeping everyone safe in support of a successful building project. Our experience has proven that safety and performance go hand-in-hand and in these situations everyone wins.


With a combination of career-minded industry professionals that have decades of experience in the construction industry the entire Metro-Can team is driven to deliver the highest quality work and professionalism to your project. With decades of experience, quality has always been our hallmark.

Innovation at Metro-Can

Metro-Can continues to lead the way in innovation

Whether it be innovative building practices that cut schedule, dewatering techniques that help keep the public safe or financing assistance that helps your project get the “green light”, Metro-Can is always striving to be better. With a unique innovation program that encourages and drives innovation across the company, Metro-Can believes in bringing innovation to your next project.