The Metro-Can Difference

As a well-established construction firm, you might think that the most important asset we have is our equipment, or our safety record, or the good standing we have in our industry. And while these three points are important, we understand that there is one thing greater and more important.

Our People

While heavy lifting machinery, having the right tools and filing paperwork all assist in getting the job done, it’s the loyalty, depth of commitment and care to excellence that our people bring to each new project that gives Metro-Can its reputation for building excellence.

We take great pride in delivering on all of our clients’ expectations, on time and on budget. We’re willing to commit to price guarantees so that Developers have assurance of cost budgets to assist in financing. Working with Developers and Consultants on a project, we can find ways to maximize functional square footage and increase revenue opportunities. We’re immensely proud of being the first company in Canada to complete a platinum level LEED certified green building.

Through our decades of experience and the determination that comes by rolling up our sleeves, we deliver the utmost in building design, construction and financing options for our clients. At Metro-Can,  WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Let us show you how we can turn your next project into the flagship for your company.

We Make It Happen